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Why You Should Automate your Home

February 9, 2018
Amanda Curry
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Home automation is the hot new add on in the home improvement world. Do you know what all the fuss is about? There are plenty of reasons to consider home automation. A smart home can extend the simple conveniences you already have, like controlling the lighting, appliances, entertainment systems, communication, security and more! Here are 5 good reasons to consider home automation.

1. Convenience

An automated house is about the convenience of saving time and effort by setting up your home automatically to do routine things. Imagine having a system that turns your lights on and off, sets the thermostat to the right temperature at different times of the day, close the curtains, and more! Many tasks that are repetitive in nature can be accomplished automatically or with fewer steps using home automation.

2. Save Money

If you are looking to put some extra cash back into your pocket each month, home automation can help. Utilities can amount to several hundred dollars per month. By automating your thermostat or turning your lights off when you aren’t using them, you can easily lower your utility bills by 10%-25% — without even thinking about it!

3. Safety

Automating your interior or exterior lights can keep you safe. Many home accidents happen in poorly lit or dark areas of the home. By automating your home’s lights, you won’t have to fumble to look for the light switch when it gets dark. You can even automate your home’s exterior lights to light up pathways, your deck, and more. This reduces the risk of accidentally tripping or running into things.

4. Go Green

If you are looking to become more environmentally aware, home automation can help. You’ll be able to reduce power and water consumption by automatically turning off lights and turning off your exterior watering system.

5. Security

We know that your family’s safety and security is your number one priority. Sometimes high installation costs or monthly monitoring charges make security systems cost prohibitive for many homeowners. Home automation provides an inexpensive solution to home security. For example, automated door locks allow you to lock your door with a tap of the finger from your phone.

6. Peace of Mind with Security Cameras

When you’re away from your home, you can use video cameras to check on the status of your home, kids, or pets, right from your phone!

7. Get the Entire Family Involved

From your little ones, to your teenagers, the entire family can get involved with home automation! It can be a great learning experience for children as they learn about up and coming technology. We’re sure you’ll find that home automation will bring the family closer as everyone discovers the new technology capabilities together.

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