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Home Upgrades That Pay You Back

February 26, 2018
Amanda Curry
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While some home upgrades offer a poor return on investment, others are known to pay you back. If you’d like to make sure your upgrades increase your resale value, you should avoid projects such as a sunroom addition, home office remodel, backup power generator, swimming pool, built-in aquarium, and high-end landscaping. The projects you should focus on include:

Kitchen Remodel

If your kitchen is more than 15 years old, upgrading it is a must. Since most families consider the kitchen the center of the home, even minor renovations can significantly boost your home value. New countertops, cabinets, backsplash and flooring materials will do the trick.

Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is one of the most widely used rooms in your home. Therefore, upgrading it can do wonders for your home value. Even if you don’t remodel the entire bathroom, upgrading the light fixtures or floors is worth your time and money.

Outdoor Deck

Outdoor decks add curb appeal and functional space to your home. Building an outdoor deck is an affordable home upgrade that can add a great deal of value to your home. If you are fortunate enough to have a deck, remodeling it or extending it is a good idea.

New Lighting Fixtures

Swapping your current lighting fixtures for new ones can make a positive difference in your home. Unwelcoming, sterile rooms can be transformed into cozy and soothing environments. This is one of the most affordable and effective home upgrades that offer excellent ROI.

 Entry Door Replacement

Replacing your entry door has the largest cost versus resale value. It can allow you to transform the front of your house and boost curb appeal. Prior to purchasing an entry door, determine which material and style works best with the design of your home.

New Flooring

Old floors can really date a home. If you haven’t updated your hardwood or carpet in a while, consider doing so. New flooring can make your home look newer and cleaner.

Energy-Efficient Features

There are plenty of features you can add to your home to make it more energy efficient and increase its value. Some of these features include efficient heating and cooling systems, appliances, windows, and insulation.

Now that you know which home upgrades pay you back, get to work!