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7 Home Maintenance Projects

December 27, 2011
Amanda Curry
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These are the type of things that you may overlook or neglect until it is too late. Get a head start now:

Maintenance Checklist – Tip #1: Waterproofing Your Basement

In my opinion, home maintenance begins with making sure that there is no water seepage into your basement. Maintenance can be done by sealing any cracks that might exist and by ensuring that your gutters are clean, free of any clogs, and well protected. As part of your home maintenance, it is also a good time to check your basement sump pump so that rain water is properly ejected. While you’re down there, it is also a good idea to make sure that there are no cracks or holes that “uninvited guests” might find their way into your basement. Good maintenance!

Maintenance Checklist – Tip #2: Plumbing

Check all of the sinks in your home to verify that water flows properly through the drains. Toilets and tubs should be checked too as part of your maintenance process. And be sure to check for drippy faucets. You don’t want to spend money on water that just drips down the drain; assuming that is, that the drains are clear.

Maintenance Checklist – Tip #3: Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows are on this home maintenance checklist to ensure they open and close properly and quietly. Outside doors and windows should also be checked to ensure that they are properly weatherproofed. Check your locks to make sure that they are secure, that someone can’t get in that shouldn’t get in, and you can easily get out during an emergency.

Maintenance Checklist – Tip #4: Driveways and Walkways

Yes, sealing the driveway made its way onto my home maintenance checklist. Always a good idea! Sealing it will keep the moisture out and prolong the life of your driveway. Avoid using corrosive salt to melt snow because that will cause your driveway to pit and crack. Cracks in the driveway and walkways should be sealed as part of your regular home maintenance to prevent them from getting worse. Depressed walkways may need to be mud jacked to keep them level.

Maintenance Checklist – Tip #5: Decks

Proper home maintenance regarding decks includes power washing and painting / stained every three or four years. Rotted or damaged wood should be replaced. The life of your deck can be prolonged by sealing it before winter. Of course, installing a vinyl deck can also reduce future home maintenance projects!

Maintenance Checklist – Tip #6: Paint

Inspect the paint on the outside of your home to ensure that it is not peeling. If your pain it peeling, then it is time for a fresh coat. Painting is especially important for maintaining older homes where there may be wood siding or trim. Fresh paint also gives your home a clean, well-maintained look from the street. Fresh paint also does a lot to spruce up the inside of your home as well.

Maintenance Checklist – Tip #7: Safety

Check all of your electrical outlets to be sure that they are not overloaded as part of your maintenance and creating a safe home environment. If there are some larger appliances that were purchased recently, consider having another circuit put in to carry the extra load. Also, replace any cords that are worn or frayed, as they are a leading cause of fire. In the laundry room, check the lint trap on the dryer to make sure it’s clean is definitely part of my home maintenance checklist. And the same goes for the dryer vent. Check any gas appliances to ensure that the connections are secure. And lastly, make sure that any hazardous chemicals are out of reach if you have children or pets. T

These are just a few home maintenance tips that will improve the quality of your living space. What else is on your to-do list?