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How to Clean An Air Conditioner Condenser Unit

June 26, 2017
Amanda Curry
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Now that the summer season is in full spring, you should ensure your air conditioner is in tip-top shape. One way to do so is to properly clean your air conditioner condenser unit. Fortunately, the process of doing so is fairly simple. Keep reading to learn how to clean your air conditioner condenser unit and enjoy a cool home all summer long.

how to clean an air conditioner condenser unit

Step 1: Turn Off The Power

Prior to cleaning your air conditioner condenser, you should turn off the electrical power at the outdoor shutoff. You can do this by turning a switch to the off position or pulling out a block. Turning off the power to the air conditioner at the main electrical panel is also an option.

Step 2: Vacuum Away Debris

Once you’ve turned off the power, you should use the soft brush attachment of a vacuum to remove any leaves, grass clippings, and other types of debris from the exterior fins. Any weeds and grass that are within 2 feet of the condenser should also be vacuumed away.

Step 3: Straighten Fins

If you notice any crushed or bent fins, you can use a dinner knife to realign them. When doing so, be sure to avoid inserting the knife more than a half of an inch.

Step 4: Remove the Fan

In order to remove the fan on your air conditioner condenser unit, you should unscrew the top grille, carefully lift the fan, and set it aside without placing any stress on the electrical wires. If you see any leaves or other debris, pull them out. Then, use a damp washcloth to wipe any interior surfaces.

Step 5: Clean the Fins

Use a hose to spray the fins of your unit. The spray should be directed from the inside out. After the fins have been thoroughly cleaned, reinstall the fan.

Step 6: Ensure Proper Cooling

Next, you’ll want to test the air conditioner unit to make its properly cooling your house. To do this, turn the power back on and turn your house thermostat to the cool function so that the compressor turns on. After about 10 minutes, check the insulated tube to determine if it feels cool and the uninsulated tube to see if it’s warm.

Step 7: Clean the Indoor Unit

To clean the indoor air conditioner unit, start by turning the power off and replacing the filter if it’s too dirty. Then, vacuum up any dust that you find in the blower compartment and use electric motor oil to lubricate your motor. Next, clean the drain tube with a bleach and water solution or replace the tube. Lastly, clean out any debris you find in the drain port with a pipe cleaner and turn the power on again.

There you have it. 7 simple steps that will ensure your air conditioner condenser unit is clean and good to go for this summer. If you don’t have the time to clean your unit, you can hire an experienced HVAC professional to help you out.