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Affordable Ways to Insulate Your Home

October 2, 2017
Amanda Curry
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Winter is right around the corner, meaning you will likely use your heating system and increase your monthly expenses as a result. Fortunately, you can save money on heating bills this winter by insulating your entire home. Below is a list of several affordable ways you can insulate your home and turn it into a more energy efficient space.

ways to insulate your home

Insulate Windows

There are a variety of ways you can insulate your windows. You can add some caulk to the glass area of your windows or use some bubble wrap and a blow dryer to seal your window frame. Be sure to avoid adding thicker curtains to your windows as thicker curtains will block the sunlight from entering your home on winter days.

Don’t Use Space Heaters

Many people make the mistake of turning off their heating system and adding space heaters throughout their home. Due to the fact that space heaters use up a lot of electricity and don’t generate a lot of heat, you should avoid using them.

Insulate Electrical Outlets

Heat can leave your home through the small holes seen on electrical outlets. Therefore, you should hire an electrician to assist you in insulating your outlets or just apply plastic masks from a local hardware store.

Turn On Fans

If you use your fan to keep your house cool in the summer, you should use it in the winter as well to keep your house warm. Simply move your fan’s blades clockwise so that they can push the air down and keep the warmer air circulating.

Replace Air Filters

You should replace the air filter in your central heating and cooling system because a clean air filter will reduce the amount of dust inside it as well as the amount of energy it takes for your heater to work. By replacing your air filters regularly, you can increase the lifespan of your heater.

Insulate Your Hot Water Tank

If your hot water tank is newer, it is probably already insulated. However, if it is older, it probably needs to be insulated. By wrapping an insulated blanket around your tank, you can reduce heat loss by up to 45 percent.

Insulate Doors

Insulating exterior doors is an effective way to prevent warm air from escaping your home and going into the outdoors. To insulate your exterior doors, you can purchase exterior door weather stripping products and door sweeps.

With a properly insulated home, you’ll feel warm and comfortable all winter long.