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Making Your Yard More Dog-Friendly

April 30, 2015
Amanda Curry
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For homeowners living with dogs, creating a dog-friendly outdoor atmosphere that’s accommodating to your pet and looks good can be a tricky task. Sure, you want a backyard that’s ideal for guests to hang out in and enjoy the scenery, but your dog will most certainly be the one who spends the majority of time in this area, so why not cater to man’s best friend? Adjusting the landscaping of your yard to accommodate your dog isn’t as daunting of a task as it sounds. From minimizing opportunities to make messes to knowing which fertilizer works best with animals, here are a few helpful tips to make your yard more dog-friendly:

Look for alternative surfaces

The more grass you have in your backyard, the more challenges you’ll have to endure as a dog owner. This merely relates to having to clean up after your pet as well as making sure you’re thoroughly inspecting your lawn for signs of deterioration. For an easy solution to this issue, choose alternative surfaces to fill in your yard. This will reduce the surface area covered by grass and keep maintenance to a minimum. Dogs tend to avoid going to the bathroom or digging up mulched or pebbled areas, so installing a few patches of these types of surfaces could be a worthwhile investment. Of course, don’t go overboard with these surfaces – your puppy still needs a place to play!


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Grow stronger grass

There are specific types of grass that are known to stand up to the traffic and stains created by dogs. Many consider warm-season grass seeds to be the best lawn solution for homeowners with dogs, as these blades are generally more durable than other varieties of grass – they have a thick texture that won’t wear thin from excess traffic. If you’re more concerned about your grass being resilient toward your dog’s tendency to go to the bathroom, then try out some perennial ryegrass seeds. This type of grass will grow to possess a more heartier look, and won’t show signs of discoloration over time after consistent exposure to urine.

Create a path

Dogs are smart creatures, and they can catch on quickly to subtle training tactics. Installing a pathway in your backyard will provide your animal with a route to patrol and stick to, so it won’t spend additional time perusing through gardens or flower beds. Make sure you choose a material that doesn’t get too hot under the sunshine and is easy to walk over, such as brick, concrete, or even smooth pebbles or flat rocks.

“Knowing your dog’s tendencies is the pathway to creating a dog-friendly yard.”

Think like your dog

Much of what helps create a dog-friendly yard is simply knowing what tendencies your dog has. Is your dog frequently digging around? Then it’s probably a good idea to avoid planting exotic flowers or intricate gardens in the backyard. Does your pet simply like to lay around and enjoy the weather? Then create a shaded lounge area on patio, deck or near the fence, that’s padded for coolness and comfort and protected from the sun by an umbrella or tarp.

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