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Lawn Edging 101

July 3, 2017
Amanda Curry
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Untidy lawn edges can completely ruin the look of your lawn. The good news is you can easily correct this issue and enjoy an attractive lawn through proper lawn edging. For more information on lawn edging and how you can benefit from it, read on.

lawn edging 101

Benefits of Lawn Edging

A neater, beautiful looking lawn is not the only benefit of lawn edging. If you choose to invest some time and money into lawn edging, you can reap other benefits including less border plants in grassed areas and a reduced number of weed infestations. In addition, lawn edging may prevent bark chips and mulch from entering grassy areas.

Lawn Edging Materials

If you decide to edge your lawn, you can choose a material that is right for the style of your lawn. You can opt for wood, metal, concrete, stone, and brick. Believe it or not, plastic and rubber are also options for a lawn edging material.
Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of some of the most popular lawn edging materials:


Metal is an excellent choice for lawn edging if you’re searching for a material that’s sturdy, long-lasting and looks nice. If you go for metal, you’ll also have the ability to use a mower right up to the edge. The downside of metal is that it can be pricey.

Plastic and Rubber

For a cost-effective solution to lawn edging, you can’t go wrong with plastic or rubber material. Plastic and rubber is also easy to install. Unfortunately, plastic can become brittle in time and break eventually.


Wood like bamboo or willow looks natural against lawns and is very simple to install. However, the disadvantage of wood is that it is not as durable as some other materials.

Brick and Stone

If you have a cottage garden, you should definitely use brick or stone to give it an aesthetically pleasing edge. The main con of brick and stone is that they are typically more expensive than other materials and take more time to install. Additionally, brick may need resetting and become susceptible to frost damage.

If you’re searching for an easy and affordable way to improve the curb appeal of your home, lawn edging is a smart move. In the event that you do decide to edge your lawn, consider hiring a professional to ensure that it turns out exactly the way you envisioned.