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Protect Your Landscaping Projects

August 30, 2012
Amanda Curry
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You’re busy as it is, the last thing you need is to go back and redo yard work and landscaping projects you spent countless hours perfecting over the summer. Think ahead so your home is prepared and you won’t have extra work to do when the leaves start falling and temperature begins to drop.

A well-manicured lawn will always get noticed by neighbors and anyone passing by your lawn. And it’s that type of curb appeal that will always increase the value of your home.

One of the most neglected areas of your home that can have the most impact on your beautiful lawn is your gutter system. When it’s unprotected, it can easily get clogged with dirt, debris, and leaves. The resulting overflow of water from clogged gutter will stream into the ground around your home and if left alone, the perfectly landscaped yard will turn into a small swamp.

Keep Your Yard Dry

Besides having a miniature version of the Everglades around your home, the over-saturation of the ground can cause two other problems as well. The first one is the erosion of your topsoil. That’s the part of your yard you put so much work into. Instead, you’ll have a yard covered with mud.

The other problem oversaturation causes is that it causes groundwater to erode away at your home’s foundation. The erosion of your home’s foundation can cause cracks, leaks, and flooding in your basement. That’s another problem you shouldn’t have to deal with.

Clogged gutters can negatively affect proper rainwater flow, which could ruin all of the hard work you’ve put into the garden, mulch bed and basically any landscaping that improves your homes curb appeal. All of that expensive landscaping can be ruined or washed away by a stiff fall rain that overruns your clogged gutters. Very few homeowners take the time to think about and understand how properly working gutters can easily keep your home clean, safe and looking good. When they properly divert water away from your home the mulch is left intact, flower beds are not bothered and the yard is left clear of standing water for the kids and dog to play.

Proper Operation Ensures Curb Appeal

When the gutter system is working properly, where exactly does the rainwater end up? Hopefully, you’ve properly maintained your gutter system to ensure a clog-free flow of rainwater away from your home. The reason we have gutters in the first place is to direct the rainwater away from the home and foundation and into the yard to properly water the grass and hydrate the shrubs, trees and garden. But the water can’t flow too heavily, as flooding the roots or grass can negatively affect growth.

Free-flowing water can easily and quickly destroy your landscaping while also over-saturating the soil, which can negatively affect the foundation. Heavy rainfall that isn’t correctly filtered off of the roof can also cause unattractive stains or destruction to the stone brick or siding on your home. The gutter system can easily clog with leaves, yard debris and roof or shingle grit if you’re not careful, but you have the ability to avert disaster by simply checking it on a routine basis or having gutter guards professionally installed.

Protect Your Projects

Gutter guards can effectively protect your landscaping projects from the problems involved with clogged gutters during any season. Whether it’s the endless amount of leaves falling during the autumn, which can litter the yard and certainly clog unprotected gutters or harsh winters, your gutters ARE affected by the changing seasons and can greatly benefit from gutter guards. Don’t let the seasonal changes bother your yard work, as there is usually more than enough to get done during spring cleaning, summer upkeep and fall foliage.