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Ease Your Yard Into Hibernation For Winter

December 10, 2012
Amanda Curry
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Final lawn preparation or winterization before autumn is ensures that your healthy lawn makes it through the snowy season. Plant pests such as mycelium, spores and other fungal cultures that spread in fall will most likely remain there until the spring thaw living in leftover debris like leaves, dead branches and soil, and infect your yard again in the spring.

Winterization is the most important step in fall lawn care. Preparing your lawn, plants and soil for the upcoming winter will preserve your hard work and even save you money by cutting down on the number of plants you need to replace in the spring.

Your lawn is preparing for hibernation for winter, and it needs your help. Replenish the nutrients that have been depleted throughout the growing season with a professional-grade fertilizer. The nutrients absorbed by roots will help them withstand the winter weather.

In addition to fertilizing, don’t forget to include aeration. Aeration is drilling small holes in the lawn to reduce thatch build-up and allow essential nutrients from the fertilization to be properly distributed.

Once the lawn is raked, fertilized and aerated, it’s time to remove the debris ensuring that your yard is clear and does not have any breeding ground for plant diseases, mosquito and bug larva, and other harmful outdoor problems.

Doing these steps above will ensure your lawn is ready for that first snow fall.