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Easy Ways to Clean Gutters

February 2, 2018
Amanda Curry
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Gutter cleaning can be a dirty, disgusting task. That’s why many homeowners are interested in easy ways to clean gutters. There are several strategies you can use to make gutter cleaning a bit easier, depending on your needs. Here are just a few:

Buy gutter cleaning tools

Many people who attempt to tackle gutter cleaning purchase gutter cleaning tools that claim to help make the chore easier. Gutter cleaning tools include the Gutter Scoop, Shop Vac attachments, leaf blower extensions, and more.
However, there are many drawbacks to using these tools. They won’t stand up to tough debris, and, unfortunately, are rarely covered by any sort of warranty. This means you’ll essentially be wasting your money on a tool that might make your job even harder.

Hire someone to clean gutters

Hiring someone to clean the gutters will keep you safely on the ground, which is always preferable. However, there are also drawbacks to hiring our gutter cleaning.

Gutters should be cleaned 2-3 times a year (or more if you live in a heavily wooded area), which means the cost of gutter cleaning will become cost prohibitive over time. Furthermore, depending on who you hire to clean the gutters, your gutters may not be serviced very well.

For example, a trained gutter professional will be able to identify any gutter damage as well as properly clean the entire system, but may be more expensive to hire than a well-meaning neighbor who probably won’t be able to spot the subtle signs of gutter damage.

Ignore the problem (kidding!)

Many homeowners have an out of sight out of mind mentality when it comes to their gutters. While this certainly makes gutter cleaning “easy,” it can also be incredibly dangerous for your home. As the gutters fill with debris, the water that would normally be diverted away through your downspouts will have nowhere to go. This means your gutters will overflow, and water will sit at the base of your foundation, which puts you at risk of costly and devastating home damages.

Prevent gutter cleaning altogether with gutter protection

Luckily, if you don’t want to worry about gutter cleaning anymore there is a solution, aside from ignoring the problem. LeafFilter Gutter Protection will prevent leaves, pine needles, and other pesky debris from ever entering your gutters, meaning only water can get inside. Even better, LeafFilter offers an industry leading, lifetime, transferable warranty, meaning you’ll never have to worry about gutter cleaning again.

While finding easy ways to clean gutters may temporarily ease your mind about this dirty, disgusting task, wouldn’t you rather simply eliminate the need to clean gutters altogether? LeafFilter will help you ditch this aggravating task for good. Find out how by filling out the free estimate form on our site.