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Small Bathroom Tips

January 10, 2017
Amanda Curry
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If you have a small bathroom in your home, you may be wondering how to make the most out of your tiny space. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to turn a small bathroom into a functional and fabulous room. Here are several of the many ways you can spruce up your bathroom and enjoy an organized, relaxing environment.

Add Mirror Walls

To make a small bathroom look bigger, add a mirror across an entire wall. If possible, add the mirror along one side of a narrow bathroom or right above the vanity. Since mirrors are effective in reflecting light, they will also allow more lighting to come in from your windows or light fixtures.

Get Rid of the Tub

Bathtubs take up a significant amount of space. To instantly add more space to your bathroom, get rid of your bathtub. If you need a bathtub because of children or pets, try to invest in a lower profile tub as it will make it easier to enter and exit the tub and give your bathroom a roomier feel.

Consider a Trough or Pedestal Sink

A trough sink is a narrow, rectangular sink that is ideal for small bathrooms because it features a low profile design. When trough sinks are mounted on the wall, they can generate extra floor space and create more room to walk around the bathroom and store bathroom essentials. Pedestal sinks are also a great option because they free up the floor as well.

Use Colour

Most bathrooms are painted in a neutral colour. If your bathroom is ivory, beige, white, gray, or a similar colour, you can add some bright colour to give it a cozy vibe. Whether it’s a pop of red, blue, orange, or yellow, a bit of colour can liven up the small room.

Turn Walls Into Storage Space

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of a small bathroom is storage. If your bathroom is lacking in storage space, you can add open shelves or hanging baskets to your walls. You can also hang hooks on the walls so that you have a place to store towels.

Take Advantage of the Space Above the Door

Homeowners often overlook the space above their bathroom door. This area serves as an excellent place to add a shelf for the storage of towels, washcloths, toilet paper, soap, and any other products you’d like. Be sure that all small products are stored in handled boxes to prevent them from rolling around.

By following these useful tips, your family members and guests can enjoy their time in a small bathroom. What have you done to turn your small bathroom into an exciting space?

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