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Tips for Beginning Gardeners

April 20, 2018
Amanda Curry
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Gardening offers a variety of benefits including weight loss, less stress, a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, a stronger immune system, and increased happiness. If you’re new to gardening and unsure of where to start, you’re in luck because we’ve created this handy guide for beginning gardeners.

tips for beginning gardeners

Invest in Quality Tools

It’s important to invest in quality gardening tools to ensure an easier and more enjoyable gardening experience. If possible, opt for stainless steel tools that never rust. Some examples of must-have garden tools include a digging shovel, loppers, pruners, garden rake, digging fork, and a wheelbarrow.

Follow the Sun

One of the most common mistakes beginner gardeners make is misjudging the sun. When you are gardening, consider how the sun hits your backyard so you can choose an appropriate location to plant vegetables, fruits, and anything else you’d like to thrive.

Don’t Forget the Mulch

Mulch can retain moisture in the soil, assist with weed control, and protect your yard from erosion. Be sure to add a two to three inch layer of mulch around each plant. Your budget and personal preference will determine the best mulch for you. If you’d like to boost your soil fertility, organic mulch is the way to go. In the event you have a large, landscaped area, synthetic mulch may be the ideal option.

Label Your Plants

First time gardeners can easily forget what they’ve planted. By labeling your plants, you won’t get confused or mistake one plant for another.

Avoid Overwatering

As a first time gardener, it can be tempting to water your plants more often than you should. Since overwatered soil can prompt seeds to migrate and appear where you didn’t intend them too, you should keep the soil evenly moist rather than soggy. If you’re not sure whether you should water, stick a pencil about an inch deep into your dirt and only water your plants when it is damp.

Have Fun

Perhaps the most important tip for beginning gardeners is to have fun. Gardening can give you the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while planning beautiful flowers and fresh produce.

Now that you know what it takes to garden, get to work!