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Your Roof Impacts All

February 22, 2013
Amanda Curry
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As the snow continues to fall and the ice builds up, some homeowners will attempt to keep their roof from caving in. Some will try to use a shovel, while others will reach out of upstairs windows and push the snow to the ground – this is not a good idea for safety’s sake. The most important thing to keep in mind is your safety, as safety comes first.

There are tools on the market available at your local home improvement store that can help homeowners remove heavy snow and ice from the roof. It’s very important to think through a plan of action and make sure to take every precaution necessary to avoid serious injury. It’s no secret that during the winter sidewalks, driveways and especially the roof and slick, so you’ll have to be careful ensuring your roof and home are safe.

Moving into the spring, it’s important to ensure that your roof and gutters are clear of debris, as overflowing water can do serious damage to your home and landscaping.

Gutter guards are made to protect your gutter system from obstruction. Congested gutters may cause many problems such as roof rust, leaks, foundation damage and even create ideal shelter for harmful pests and insects. Many homeowners spend too much money on repairs and replacements due to clogged gutters.

Some homeowners encounter problems with landscape erosion due to obstructed gutters, which can be very costly. Soil erosion may occur if there is too much water coming from your roof. To avoid landscape erosion damage, you need to avoid clogged gutters. Sometimes, it’s best to take preventative measures by installing gutter guards to prevent dirt, dust, leaves, and twigs that cause gutter clogs.

Landscape erosion can be caused by a sudden impact of rainfall, winter’s end resulting in melting ice, and wind. Gutters are installed to collect rainwater from the roof into to a downspout. However, when there’s an obstruction in the gutter and downspout, water accumulates and problems arise. Landscape erosion affects plants, flowers, crops, grass, and almost everything in the soil. This is mainly because all the nutrients needed for growth are washed away.

All Shrubs, bushes, plants, and flowers are easily destroyed by heavy rainfall or from overflowing rainwater from the damaged roof or clogged gutters. Heavy water flow can easily expose roots and destroy them. If this happens, the plants and other shrubs may be flushed out. This, without a doubt, will ruin your garden, landscape, and your wallet! So, better have a solution to prevent this damage from happening every time there’s heavy rainfall.

As mentioned earlier, clogged gutters cause water overflow from the roof. To prevent this, you must keep your gutter system clean and free from any debris, twigs, leaves, pests, and other materials that cause obstruction. But, do you have the time to clean your gutters frequently? Better yet, install gutter guards. LeafFilter™ gutter covers will prevent your gutter system from clogging. LeafFilter™ gutter toppers will keep the leaves, debris and dirt from obstructing the flow of water in your gutter.

Having gutter guards installed is very economical. LeafFilter will never allow gutter obstruction since our product will protect the gutters from debris getting in. So, it’s best to plan ahead to spring and fall by having LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection installed to prevent constantly cleaning, repair and replace your roof and gutter system, as well as, preventing other major foundation and structural problems.

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