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Importance of Reliable Rain Gutter Systems

August 3, 2015
Amanda Curry
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Rain gutter systems should be an important consideration when renting or purchasing a home because of the damage and expense it could cost you down the line. Here we take a look at why you need gutters on your home if you don’t already have them and, if you do have gutters but no gutter guards, why they should be inspected.

What Does a Gutter Do?

House gutters serve two main purposes: to make sure water does not gather on your roof and to make sure water is diverted away from your house correctly. An effective gutter system and downspout extension are a key component in the maintenance of your roof, walls, landscaping and foundation. Ineffective rain gutter systems can cause costly damage to the home such as cracks in the foundation, heaving concrete, insect infestation, roof leaks, and much more. To prevent these issues, it’s extremely important to perform routine maintenance on your house gutters.

Why Your Gutters Need to Be Inspected

Gutter Clogs: This is the most common type of gutter failure. Gutter clogs happen from leaves, dirt, shingle grit and other debris gathering on your gutter system, but not flowing out.

Gutter leaks and cracks: Standing water in rain gutter systems will increase the likelihood of leaks and cracks. This particularly becomes a problem in winter when standing water can freeze and cause ice damming.

Misalignment: Misalignment of rain gutter systems may become an effect of a clogged gutter. A sign of misalignment is when house gutters sag, bow or break away from the roofs edge.

Faulty design: Roofs with peaks and valleys may experience intense water flow towards sections of gutters. With a faulty gutter system, this may result in an overflow from the system’s inability to divert the water.

If you are dealing with clogs, leaks, misalignment or faulty design issues it may be time to look into gutter guards. When beginning your search for gutter protection keep in mind cost, reviews, types and homeowner installed vs. professionally installed. To learn more about the different types of gutter protection available on the market, check out these comparisons.