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How to Protect Your Gutters From Fall Leaves

September 11, 2017
Amanda Curry
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In a perfect world, you’d have no chores – no more mowing the lawn, dusting knick knacks, or washing windows, and you’d definitely have non clogging gutters. Unfortunately, some of those are pipe dreams. Mowing the lawn, dusting, and washing windows aren’t likely to get checked off your list any time soon. The good news is, non clogging gutters are actually within reach.

“But fall leaves are about to drop,” you say, “They’re sure to clog my gutters, right?”

With LeafFilter Gutter Protection, the answer to that question is a resounding, “No!” Here’s why!

What is LeafFilter?

LeafFilter is a professionally installed, micro mesh gutter protection system. It installs directly on top of your gutters – never disturbing your roof or shingles. The stainless steel micro mesh is 50 microns fine. That’s smaller than a grain of sand! Not only will you never have to worry about fall leaves entering your gutters, but you’ll never need to worry about things like dirt, shingle grit, or other organic material ever again. By creating no clog gutters, LeafFilter is truly gutter protection perfection.

how to protect gutters from fall leaves

What makes LeafFilter different?

LeafFilter is a patent-protected gutter protection system. That means there aren’t any other systems on the market that perform as well as LeafFilter. We’ve been recognized by some of the leading authorities in home improvement for our superior gutter protection system. LeafFilter was even invited to the White House to attend an exclusive Made in America product showcase!

But don’t just take our word for it. Our customers report that LeafFilter exceeds their expectations! They don’t have to clean fall leaves, pine needles, or seed pods out of their gutters anymore, because LeafFilter effectively keeps all debris out. Because they finally have non clogging gutters, they can put that dangerous ladder away, and enjoy fall leaves without worrying about cleaning them out of the gutters.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, LeafFilter also comes with a lifetime, transferable warranty, which will keep you, and your home, protected forever. Our no clog gutters guarantee is an industry-leading policy. We stand by our product’s effectiveness, and pass along the security to you.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait until those fall leaves clog your gutters. Fill out the free estimate form and enjoy the benefits of no clog gutters with the help of LeafFilter today.