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Proper Tools For The Job

October 17, 2012
Amanda Curry
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The leaves have started to cover your yard and roof. Are you prepared? At some point you’ll have to climb the ladder to clean out the gutters and it’s important to have the right tools for the job.

Gutter cleaning tools come in a wide variety of styles and types. Power washers, power flushers, water-hoses, gutter vacuums, gutter poles even gutter cleaning robots, the list can be virtually limitless. With the myriad of tools to choose from, where do you begin?

Money Saver

Ok, let’s be honest, spending any amount of money on a gutter cleaning robot is often not in the household budget. For cleaning out gutters, a water hose sounds like a logical task, but only if your gutters are not already filled with muck. Clogged gutters and excess water that can’t drain can damage your roof or compromise the foundation of your home.

Safety First

Many homeowners take a much more conventional approach to clean gutters by choosing a ladder, rake, gloves and a box full of trash bags for the fall cleanup. Regardless of what tool you choose, make sure you have a strong and sturdy ladder to use when reaching into the gutter system. Make sure the area where the ladder will be placed is level and free of debris. When climbing or standing on the ladder be sure not to overextend or overreach. Instead, come down off the ladder and re-position the ladder. It’s safer to reposition the ladder than to overextend and possibly fall.

Different types of rakes offer varying ends and handles from aluminum to hard plastic and even wooden to metal, the preference is yours. As a side note, metal gardening rakes are heavy and not ideal for gutter cleaning. Invest in a lighter plastic rake for this purpose, as the leaves you will be heaving down from the roof may be moist or even soaked. It’s important to have strong plastic bags to carry the leaves; otherwise, you may have to clean a trail of leaves the broken bag left behind. Spending the extra money on strong bags will save you the hassle of cleaning up twice.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Ok, so the choice of tools really isn’t that complicated, the real issue is the amount of time it takes to do the entire gutter cleaning. Many homeowners save time by bidding farewell to gutter cleaning tools. They have chosen a less back-breaking and time-consuming alternative by choosing to use MicroFilter gutter guards. Gutter guards keep gutters debris free and keep homeowners from wobbling on the tops of ladders. Gutter filters keep gutters clean so homeowners don’t have to. This allows more time for enjoying friends and family and less time cleaning muck-filled gutters.

LeafFilter gutter guards provide you and your home with a complete gutter protection system that is guaranteed to keep your gutters clog free. The LeafFilter gutter protection system is hands down, the best gutter guard solution on the market. With patented technology, LeafFilter’s unique micro-filter design utilizes a 50 micron fine filter which is so small, not even a grain of sand can get into your gutter. This ensures no leaves, debris, pine cones or even bee hives will ever be a gutter problem again. LeafFilter’s system installs over your existing gutter and will never void your roof warranty.