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Prevent These 3 Costly Repairs with LeafFilter

May 24, 2017
Amanda Curry
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Here at LeafFilter, we know your home is your biggest investment. You’ve put money, time, energy, and care into making your home a comfortable place to live. So now it’s time to extend the longevity of your home, and side step preventable repairs, with one of the best gutter guard systems on the market – LeafFilter.

Because eavestroughs are essential in keeping water safely away from your home, LeafFilter plays a major role in protecting your home from severe damage. Our patented mesh gutter guards are designed to help you prevent some of the most expensive home repairs. Read on to learn about the top three costly repairs LeafFilter will help you prevent.

1. Roof Leaks

Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow from the gutter system, and backwash underneath your shingles. Over time, this can cause roof leaks, as well as mold and mildew buildup. These damages are costly to fix, especially in the event that you have to replace the whole roof. Stripping a roof down to the decking is a major project that takes a lot of time and money. (Not sure what decking is? Learn about roof decking, and all the other roof components, in our handy Roofing Terminology Cheat Sheet!)

You can probably see why it’s important to prevent these roofing issues altogether with the help of gutter guards. But which are the best gutter guard systems to protect your roof?

Well, many gutter guards install under your shingles, which isn’t recommended. They’re secured by nailing or gluing the product underneath the first layer, which compromises your roof. This can lead to leaks, peeling shingles, and hastened deterioration. This installation method also voids or severely limits your roof warranty. In other words, any repairs would need to come out of your pocket.

LeafFilter, on the other hand, installs directly on top of your existing eavestroughs. Our gutter experts will never disturb your roofing when installing our mesh gutter guards, effectively keeping your roof warranty intact. Better yet, with our no-clog guarantee, you’ll never have to worry about clogged gutters causing you roof problems. With LeafFilter, you truly get the best of both worlds.

2. Foundation Damage

You can prevent foundation damage with quality micro mesh gutter guards

Foundation damage is something you, as a homeowner, should avoid like the plague. Once your foundation is compromised, the integrity of the entire structure of your home is at risk. One of the biggest culprit of foundation damage is clogged gutters. The overflow from the gutters not only backwashes under your shingles, but it also overshoots the eavestrough. This means all that water falls right at the base of your home. Over time, this water can cause cracks in the foundation, and, in severe cases, may cause whole sections of the foundation to bow.

The cost and time associated with foundation repairs depends on the severity of the damage. Cracks may be a quick, albeit temporary, fix. However, a bowed wall can take extreme measures to fix. The good news is, a good gutter guard can help prevent this type of situation. But, beware, some types of gutters guards can make it worse.

Gutter guards that involve brush or foam fill your gutters in place of the debris. This means the water still doesn’t have anywhere to go. Therefore, in heavy rainfall, your gutters may overflow, and cause the same type of foundation damage seen in clogged gutter situations. It’s a good idea to avoid gutter foam and gutter brush products.

Instead, turn to the professionally installed LeafFilter for one of the best gutter guard systems on the market. Our product sits at a perfect 11 degree angle. This allows water to enter your eavestroughs, while debris sheds right off the top. You’ll never have to worry about overflowing gutters with our specially designed micro mesh gutter guard.

3. Landscape Erosion

Much like the scenario seen with foundation damage, clogged gutters that overflow can cause landscape erosion. This types of damage may seem innocent enough, but it can actually wreak havoc on your home.

When the land becomes waterlogged, many damages can occur besides your gardens becoming a little unruly. Perpetually soaked soil can cause concrete features, like sidewalks and driveways, to crack and heave. It can also cause further foundation damage. In addition, waterlogged soil may become depleted of important nutrients that are essential to vegetation. This means you’ll either have to supplement with expensive fertilizer, or your plants will die, impacting your curb appeal. Finally, landscape erosion can cause unstable ground, which may need professional attention from a landscaper.

Again, all of these issues associated with landscape erosion can be prevented with the help of a quality micro mesh gutter guard. In addition to installing LeafFilter, our gutter experts will clean, seal, and realign your existing gutter system for optimal performance. We’ll also install extra gutter hangers, so you can rest assured that your gutters are stronger, and better able to properly divert water, than they were when they were brand new.

Home ownership is rarely predictable. Even a place that seems to be a dream home can have problems. But, by investing in LeafFilter Gutter Protection, you can protect your biggest investment from these three severe and costly damages. And, even better, you’ll save yourself some headaches along the way. Take the first step in protecting your home by filling out the free, no obligation estimate form on our site now.