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Prepare Your Home & Gutters for Fall & Winter

October 25, 2012
Amanda Curry
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Let’s face it, gutter cleaning is a horrible and time-consuming chore no matter what part of the country you’re in. Climbing up a ladder to unclog backed up eavestroughs is not a fun way to spend your weekend, but you’ve got to prepare your home for the season ahead.

Eavestroughs preparation is the easiest way to keep up with the accumulation of leaves in your eavestroughs. Some of this groundwork involves buying different types of eavestrough cleaning tools from extra-long “gutter rakes” to strong gloves and trash bags or even gutter cleaning robots. Most homeowners buy new ladders and gloves for the many piles of leaves they will pick up and bag this fall season.

Still, other homeowners just don’t want to be bothered and hire a professional company to clean their gutters. If, your budget doesn’t include the luxury of repeatedly paying someone else to do it, then take these few hints into consideration as you get your gutters ready for the fall season:

Tip #1

Don’t wait till the last minute clean your eaves at least once a month and maybe twice a month during the fall months

Tip #2

Spend the extra money on a strong, steady ladder. Faulty ladders lead to many falls and injuries during the autumn months. The potential expense of the medical bill outweighs the cost of a new ladder.

Tip #3

Trim or cut trees with branches that may over hang your home or gutters.

Tip #4

Don’t worry about tips 1-3. Just install a LeafFilter™ eavestroughs protection system. With this Micro-Mesh filter gutter guard nothing but rain water enters your eavestroughs – guaranteed.

Fall gutter preparation and follow-through is the most effective way to stay ahead of the “work” of the season. The autumn and winter months are when clogged eavestroughs can become a real hazard or liability to your home or family, so staying ahead of the work becomes imperative.

When your eavestroughs are cleaned regularly or sealed from debris and leaves with LeafFilter™ gutter protection, you can remove that loath-some chore of gutter cleaning off your fall to do list.

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