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LeafFilter Offers Year Round Protection

May 31, 2017
Amanda Curry
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Homeowners deal with debris clogging their gutters in every season. Whether it’s the colorful fall leaves blocking the downspout or shingle grit building up in the trough, debris is a pain to deal with – and it simply never ends! In every season, you’ll find different types of debris in your gutters, which, unfortunately will need to be cleaned out to prevent home damage. Luckily, LeafFilter Gutter Protection is a year-round solution to clogged gutters. Check out the infographic to learn just a few of the types of debris you’ll see in every season, and how LeafFilter can help 365 days a year.

Infographic about the debris you'll find clogging your gutters in every season

LeafFilter Protects Against:


You’ll find leaves in your gutters from late spring, all the way into summer and fall. Because they’re so large, leaves are the number one reason gutters clog. This type of large debris coats the gutters, which prevents water from properly diverting to your downspouts. The leaves also take a long time to decompose, at which point your gutters are caked with rotting debris. This makes gutter cleaning a dirty, disgusting job. Fortunately, with its stainless steel, non-adhesive micromesh, LeafFilter can help you avoid this mess altogether.


In the winter, ice and snow can build up on top of clogged gutters, causing ice dams to form much quicker. Ice dams are extremely heavy, and may cause gutters to detach from the home. Debris also acts as a type of insulation, and, because of this, ice dams will take longer to melt when warmer weather comes. However, LeafFilter fits on your existing gutters like a lid on a box, which will allow the warmer air to flow beneath the ice dams, allowing them to melt much quicker.


While you’ll see rain throughout the spring, summer, and early fall, rainy season usually occurs in summer months for most of North America. The hot weather and high humidity often lead to stormy weather. An overabundance of rain can cause gutters to overflow, especially if they’re clogged with debris. LeafFilter experts will help you determine whether you have the right sized gutters for the amount of rainfall you experience in your region, and they’ll ensure that it can be diverted properly with the help of gutter protection.

Seed Pods

Seed pods and maple spinners fall from trees in the fall, and can wreak havoc on your gutters. If left unattended, these seeds can even sprout in your gutters. This is known as a “gutter garden.” You might think seed pods are small enough to make it through micromesh, but with LeafFilter, that’s simply not the case. Our micromesh is only 50 microns fine – not even a grain of sand can pass through to your gutters! That means, with LeafFilter, you’ll never have to worry about unsightly gutter gardens ever again.

Pests/Small Animals

Pests and small animals, like squirrels, mice, birds, raccoons, and more enjoy the safe, warm comfort of a clogged gutter. And once they make a home in your gutters, it will be tough to make them leave. Not only will LeafFilter keep all that cozy bedding-like debris out of your gutters, but it will permanently displace those pests and rodents from the gutter system. So you can rest assured that you won’t be hearing any mysterious creatures scurrying overhead after installing our gutter protection system.


Insects like bees, mosquitoes, and water termites positively love the environment of clogged gutters. They’ll make the system their breeding ground, and become a nuisance during warm weather seasons – mainly spring, summer and early fall. If you don’t want your yard to become invaded by these creepy crawlies, invest in LeafFilter. The gutter protection system prevents water stagnation, which deters water-love insects from making base in your gutters. Seriously, the effectiveness of our gutter protection system will have you “buzzing” with excitement!

Tree Debris (Twigs, Pine Needles, Pinecones, Sap, etc.)

Tree debris is a year-round problem that can positively wreak havoc on your gutters. Whether it’s twigs or branches that fall in high winds, or pine needles and pinecones that drop in the winter, this tree debris will find its way into an unprotected gutter. Tree debris, like limbs, can be too heavy for the gutter to hold. This will cause the system to pull away from your fascia. Tree sap can be another problem altogether, causing a sticky buildup in your gutters system, and making clogged gutters much much harder to clean. Sidestep all these issues with the help of LeafFilter’s fully enclosed gutter protection system.

Shingle Grit

Shingle grit is caused by your roof breaking down due to the elements. Much like tree sap, this can build up in gutters, causing a tarry, hard to clean mess. That’s why it’s important to protect your gutters before your shingles begin to break down in order to prevent this layer of tar.

LeafFilter: 365 Day Protection

LeafFilter will protect your gutters – and your home – year-round. You can rest assured that, throughout the summer, fall, winter, and spring, your gutters will remain clog-free from even the smallest debris.

LeafFilter is an essential part of protecting your home from damage. Fill out the form to request your free estimate today, and you’ll enjoy worry-free gutters in each and every season!