Understanding Clogged Gutters

Keeping your gutter system clean and clear is very important to the safety and security of your home. Especially with spring just around the corner; it’s important to know what you should prepare for. Clogged gutters will cause several problems, which will cost you many unnecessary expenses. Gutters direct rainwater into the gutter downspout to prevent buildup of water on the roof. There are serious dangers involved with gutter clogs that must be prevented.

One of the many dangers of clogged gutters is damage to your roof. When water stays for too long in the gutter, it causes rusts and may damage your roof. Fixing, replacing and reinstalling a new roof is very costly. The materials supporting the roof may also be damaged, which can easily cause the roof to fall apart.

Aside from replacing your roof, leaks may damage your ceiling. You might end up replacing the roof and large, important sections of the interior.

Another problem that will possibly arise from clogged gutters is harboring insects and parasites. These pests could potentially pass disease along and are dangers to your family. When the gutter is blocked, water stays for a long time. This is the perfect shelter for mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, molds, and other disease-carrying insects.

Congested gutters may cause leaks on the roof. This is a big problem to your family living inside the home. Leaks damage the paint, furniture, appliances and may cause electrical problems. This may also cause some cracks on the walls and the foundation of the whole house. Accidents may happen if there is water on the floor coming from the leak on the roof. Additionally, clogged gutters can cause a flood in the basement.

Blocked gutters and a gutter downspout may cost a lot of money if not fixed immediately. Additional costs may include roof replacement, repair of the foundation of the house, and may damage your home appliances and furniture. Left over debris may also be fire hazards such as dry leaves, twigs, and branches. A short-circuit may occur if water reaches an open electrical wire. Electrical short-circuit may cause sparks, which could lead to fire.

To be able to prevent these dangers of gutter clogs, your gutter system must be free from dirt, dust, pollens, leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris. It’s advisable that you clean your gutter system and gutter downspout before rainy season comes. The same goes for people living in areas where there is snow. Ice dams occur if gutters and downspouts are blocked.

Your gutter system must be kept clean to last a long time and to keep you, your family and your wallet safe.

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