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Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

August 29, 2014
Amanda Curry
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Investments in your home, such as an update to a bathroom or kitchen, might be exciting, but it is important to also invest in the areas that will protect the integrity of your home. A “roof over your head” is one of life’s essentials – keeping your family safe from the harsh outside elements.

You may only consider your roof when there is a leak or something else is significantly wrong with it; however, it is important to keep up on your roof maintenance to avoid potential damage to your home. So, how do you know whether you simply need roof repairs or to replace your roof altogether?

  1. Start on the Interior:
    • Look for water stains on your ceiling or walls – this is a clear indicator that your roof isn’t completely sealed, and may require roof leak repair.
    • Dampness on upper level or attic can be an indicator that your roof may need to be examined further.
  2. Move to the Exterior:
    • Check corresponding interior damage with the outside of your home to look for possible problems where water may be seeping in, which would necessitate roof leak repair.
    • Check your shingles to see if there is any missing. Also, check to see if your shingles are curling, splitting, or lose
    • Inspecting your gutters and downspouts for evidence of decay- broken pieces of paint and scraps of roofing may be visible, indicating damage.
    • Is the flashing rusted or missing? Flashing is metal that surrounds skylights, vent pipes, and chimneys. If the flashing is damaged, this often can result in leaks.

Assess the Age of Roof

If your roof was properly installed, and less than 15 to 20 years old, it can often be repaired rather than replaced. So, if you suspect your roof has water damage, there is no need to assume that the entire roof needs to be replaced. Contact a licensed roofing contractor to get an estimate for roof repairs.

However, if your roof is more than 20 years old, and most of the shingles are damaged or badly worn, you should consider replacing your roof as opposed to just doing roof repairs. At this time, it is more than likely that your roof is beyond the need for roof leak repair, as it is beginning to decay and should be given extra some attention.

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Do Your Research

In any case, if your roof is beyond repair, be sure to do some research. You can either rip off your existing roof to replace a new one, or replace a new roof on top. A roof is a major investment on your home, and it is important to do some homework beforehand.