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Installing Gutter Guards: Mistakes to Avoid

October 13, 2023
Thaddeus Ducker
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Gutter guards can be an effective part of any rain gutter system as they work to filter out debris, leaves, and shingle grit, preventing clogs and protecting your home from damages. If you plan on installing gutter guards on your own, there are a number of different considerations you need to be aware of. From prepping your gutters properly to installing the gutter guard correctly, it’s important to do the job right to avoid problems down the road. Here are some mistakes to avoid when installing gutter guards.

Prep the Gutters

Before installing a gutter protection system, it’s important to clean and realign your gutters towards your downspouts. You’ll never want to install gutter guards on a dirty, clogged system because it can void the effectiveness of your new gutter guards. Ensure that your gutters are properly attached to the fascia board and sloping towards your downspouts to encourage the flow of rainwater.

Nailing into the Roof

Some gutter guards will require you to nail the system into your roof. We can’t stress enough how bad this is for your roof. This will create damage on your roof and your shingles will no longer do their job at protecting your home properly from the intrusion of water. As soon as you poke a hole in your roof, you will have reduced its effectiveness in maintaining that barrier.

Lifting the Shingles

Other gutter guard systems require installation under your first row of shingles. This can break your roof’s water barrier, leading to costly water damage down the road. If a gutter guard requires you to lift your roof shingles — avoid it at all costs.

Buying the Wrong Size

Gutter guards are rarely one size fits all. While most come in 5 or 6-inch sizes, it’s important to measure your gutters to get a proper fit.

Handle Gutters with Care

We’ve seen far too many homeowners try to install gutter guards and end up damaging their gutter system in the process. Try not to change the pitch of the gutter, which can reduce the effectiveness of your rain flow protection. You’ll also want to ensure the gutters hangers are secured.

Installing an Ineffective Gutter Guard

Think that wire mesh is going to provide total debris protection? Choosing the right gutter guard for your home is extremely important. Systems with large holes, gaps, and openings will only let debris in, while many do-it-yourself systems are flimsy and not backed by warranties. These types of systems prove to be only a temporary solution to a permanent problem. You’ll likely have to climb the ladder multiple times a year to clean out what your gutter guard has let in.

Fortunately, LeafFilter Gutter Protection provides a permanent solution to clogged gutters. Once installed, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning your gutters again. Best of all, it’s backed by a lifetime, transferable warranty, so you can enjoy the peace of mind your gutters are protected for life.

Leave Installation to the Pros at LeafFilter Gutter Protection

As you can see, gutters and gutter protection systems are more complicated than you may think. Your gutters have to be properly inspected and free of holes and sags prior to installation. Plus, installing the wrong type of gutter guard can create even more issues and headaches down the road.

Get total debris protection with LeafFilter Gutter Protection and let our pros handle it all. Our installation team will clean, realign, and reseal your gutters, so they are in peak performance prior to installing our award-winning gutter protection system. Learn more about LeafFilter and request your free estimate today.