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Protect Your Home From Heavy Rain

July 16, 2015
Amanda Curry
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The heavy rain this summer has made it into the books with a record breaking number of 4.36 inches. There is still more than half of summer left and depending on where you are located the amount of precipitation fallen has been effecting everyone differently.

No matter where you live in Canada, you are going to experience rain at some point. One thing to watch for with the heavy rain is the damage the water can do if your gutters are not clean. There are many things water damage can do to a home that are caused from clogged gutters. Some of these things include mold, landscape erosion, a flooded basement, a leaking roof, and stagnant water that can bring mosquitoes.

There is an easy home preparation you can do to help keep the water from causing these damages to your home and that is making sure your gutters are not clogged. If your gutters are clogged then there is a chance that the water will pour over the gutter rather than going through the gutter. This will leave your home more vulnerable to seriously and costly damage.

Keeping your gutters unclogged so water can easily flow through is important. It is part of home maintenance. However, cleaning gutters can be hard work! And, hiring someone to clean your gutters can result in

The fact is gutter cleaning is still a temporary solution to a reoccurring problem. There is a more simple solution to cleaning your gutters so they don’t clog during heavy rain. LeafFilter™ offers a free home gutter inspection by one of our professionals. LeafFilter can install on your existing gutters and if needed the installer will clean and realign your gutters to ensure that they are working with the gutter guard as if they were new.