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6 Ways to Increase Backyard Privacy

May 16, 2016
Amanda Curry
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Many homeowners who live in a close proximity to neighbors must cope with the issue of privacy. Now that the warm weather is fast approaching and it’s time for you and your family to relax, dine, grill, and entertain in your backyard, privacy measures should be implemented. Prior to beginning any project to increase backyard privacy, be sure to check with your homeowner’s association, if applicable. LeafFilter recommends the following solutions to help you create a more private backyard atmosphere:

  1. Privacy Fence

Whether they are comprised of metal, wood, vinyl, or any other material, a privacy fence is one of the most efficient ways to deter any prying eyes. A privacy fence should be an average of six feet tall with no visibility between the slats in order to prevent people from peeking into your backyard. In addition to blocking views, a privacy fence can stop noise pollution from cars, prevent small pests, keep children and pets safe, and deter burglars away. Privacy fences vary in color, height, type, and cost so be sure to do your research before building one.

  1. Enclosed Patio

Although an enclosed patio can be costly, it is a great way to optimize the level of privacy you have in your backyard. Also known as a sun room, an enclosed patio is made of floor-to-ceiling windows and can give you the chance to reap the benefits of being in your yard without actually being in it. You can sit back in your enclosed patio regardless of what the weather is like outside and still enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature. Other advantages of an enclosed patio include bug protection, a bright, elegant ambience, energy savings due to natural lighting, and an increased home value.

  1. Vertical Garden

 A vertical garden is the ideal solution to adding privacy to your backyard. It will block your yard from other people’s eyes and provide a variety of other benefits. A vertical garden can maximize limited space and allow you to increase the amount of plants you grow while bringing in fresh air.  It can also enhance the appeal of your backyard and make watering, fertilizing, pruning, and harvesting more convenient.

  1. Outdoor Privacy Screen 

An outdoor privacy screen can provide a barrier to your yard. Also referred to as room dividers, outdoor privacy screens are a popular way to add privacy because they are transferable and foldable for easy storage. They are weather resistant and available in a diverse selection of materials, sizes, and colors. If you’re interested in purchasing an outdoor privacy screen, check out your local home improvement store.

  1. Privacy Plants

Privacy plants can create a natural screen for your yard. There are a number of plants that you can choose from to add privacy, shade, and curb appeal to your yard. Bamboo can add both height and exotic style to any outdoor space while boxwood is an evergreen option for pots and planters. Cypress trees that are planted in a row or Privet that is properly spaced are also great ideas.

  1. Garden Trellis 

A garden trellis is a sturdy framework of vertical supports and horizontal crosspieces that can allow shrubs, vines, or young trees to grow against an object. They are considered art for a garden but when they fill in, they make great privacy screens. Garden trellis can be created with wire, wood, wrought iron, or monofilament. Keep in mind that it will take time for these plants to grow so you’ll have to be patient if you decide on a garden trellis.

By opting for one of these backyard privacy options, you can enjoy a peaceful backyard without worrying about other people watching or intruding on your precious time. Your yard should be a place where you feel comfortable engaging in whatever activities you wish without any distractions or unwanted visitors.