LeafFilter vs. Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet gutter guards have been around for a long time. That doesn’t make them the right choice in gutter protection for your home. Gutter Helmet is considered a “hood-style” gutter guard, meaning there will be a curved top combined with a long slot in the front of the gutter to allow water to enter. Unfortunately, there are many problems with this style of gutter guard, making them a temporary solution at best.

Compare the benefits of LeafFilter versus Gutter Helmet below.

LeafFilter Leaf

Keeps out All Debris
Low Profile Design
Completely Enclosed System

Large Holes, Gaps, or Openings

Gutter Helmet gutter guards feature a large opening that runs the entire length of the gutter, allowing debris to enter and clog your gutter system.

Water Flow

Once installed under your first row of shingles, it will cause water to run off, damaging your landscaping and contributing to basement flooding and foundation issues.

Difficult to Clean

Once your gutters fill with debris, you’ll have to remove the hood gutter cover entirely to clean inside the gutter. This process can be time-consuming — if not impossible. You may even need to contact a professional to fix the problem for you.

No Clog-Free Guarantee

Gutter Helmet is backed with a warranty that supports routine gutter cleanings. Why? They simply cannot guarantee that the gutter will remain free of debris.

Major Roof Impact

Installation may require screwing the product into your roof shingles, which will cause major water damage and can void your roof warranty.

LeafFilter: There Is No Comparison

There’s no question about it – LeafFilter is the best gutter guard on the market. The proven 3-step installation process combined with a superior product design provide unparalleled protection from the damages of clogged gutters. Even better, with a lifetime, transferable warranty, LeafFilter will provide you with peace of mind that your home – and your family – will be protected for life.

LeafFilter Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

With our lifetime, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your eavestroughs and entire home are protected for life.