Total Confidence in Your Gutter Protection Solution

Not only is LeafFilter the top-performing gutter guard, we also provide an extra measure of confidence with the support of a lifetime, transferable warranty. 

The LeafFilter Manufacturer's Warranty

100% No-Clog Guarantee

If at any time the LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection System allows your gutters to clog with debris causing your system to fill with water and overflow, or if your residence sustains any interior water damage from such an occurrence, the manufacturer will repair the problem or refund 100% of the material purchase price for all LeafFilter™ material installed on your home.*

*See your representative for full details

How Does Our Warranty Compare?

Other gutter guards are backed with warranties that support cleanings or the removal of clogs. Why? They simply cannot guarantee that the gutter will remain free of debris. 

At LeafFilter, we don’t limit our manufacturer’s warranty to “if (or when) it clogs, we’ll clean it for free,” because LeafFilter really is as good as we say it is. No more clogged gutters.


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