Brush gutter guards fill your gutters with the brush in place of debris. This design not only limits the flow of water through your gutters, but also traps debris. Because of these problems with brush gutter guards, brush manufacturers only claim to reduce gutter cleaning, not eliminate it.

Homeowners who choose this temporary solution due to the low initial cost of brush gutter guards end up with additional expenses for frequent gutter cleanings, and other complications.

Compare the benefits of LeafFilter versus Gutter Brush below.


Keeps out All Debris
Allows as Much Water as An Open Gutter
Completely Enclosed System
Durable, Long-Lasting Materials
Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Not a Completely Sealed System

Brush gutter guards do not seal the gutter from debris entering and will lead to clogged gutters.

Traps Debris & Blocks the Flow of Water

Brush gutter guards sit inside of the gutter and will block the flow of water. With nowhere to go, water can accumulate inside of your gutter system or pour over the edge.

Requires Frequent Cleanings

Brush gutter guards are not maintenance free. You’ll still have to climb the ladder multiple times per year to clean the gutter guard, as well as the inside of your gutter in order to prevent clogs.

Skip the DIY Products - Hire a Pro

While some projects are better to DIY, others are better left to the pros. You’ll have to install gutter guards yourself, which is not only risky and requires you to climb the ladder, but can cause potential installational errors to cause your product to work ineffectively.

No Clog-Free Guarantee

The measure of a gutter guard’s effectiveness will be the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Brush gutter guards sold at major home improvement stores typically do not offer a warranty. If you have a problem with your system, there will be no one to turn to.

LeafFilter: There Is No Comparison

There’s no question about it – LeafFilter is the best gutter guard on the market. The proven 3-step installation process combined with a superior product design provide unparalleled protection from the damages of clogged gutters. Even better, with a lifetime, transferable warranty, LeafFilter will provide you with peace of mind that your home – and your family – will be protected for life.