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Out of the Box Camping Ideas

August 24, 2016
Amanda Curry
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As summer is coming to an end soon, for many, that means the end of camping season, sleeping under the stars, and firing up the grill to make s’mores. In recent decades, camping has come a long way from loading up a truck with sleeping bags and a raggedy old tent. There are many unique choices available for camping in terms of places to go and ways to camp.

If you are looking for unique camping ideas to end your summer on a high note, read on for our top picks.

Treehouse Camping

There’s something nostalgic about camping in a treehouse as an adult. Climbing stairs to your humble abode puts a fun twist on a conventional pastime. Depending on what you are looking for, these accommodations can feel somewhat fairytale-like, too.

In recent years, treehouses become incredibly popular. Whether you are looking for a romantic atmosphere, family fun, or are planning on travelling with friends, chances are good you’ll be able to find a treehouse in your area. Take a look at two of our top picks for treehouse camping in North America:


The Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree Campground

Located on twenty beautiful acres in Maryland by the Appalachian Trail, the Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree Campground is a great place for camping, hiking, and river rafting. You can choose accommodations such as tree cottages and rustic treehouses. There tree cottages are built on stilts and insulated for year-round use. The site also offers treehouses that are seven feet off the ground and have a small deck. None of the treehouses have mattresses or wood stoves, so you’ll have to bring the appropriate camping gear.

Les Toits du Monde

Located in Québec, Les Toits du Monde is one of the most magical treehouse experiences in Canada. The treehouse is tucked in the woods, sitting 15 feet off the ground – meaning it’s away from all the hustle and bustle. It’s a four-season destination, so you can cozy into the treehouse on a peaceful, snowy day, or use it to make base for a summer excursion in the wilderness. Previous guests mention that the experience is truly unique and that they feel completely detached from the modern world. While you’re visiting, you can enjoy walking paths and nature, all from the privacy of our own personal abode.


“Glamping” is a mix between glamour and camping, providing resort style services that are not usually associated with traditional camping. Glamping has become particularly popular for those that are seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodations, alongside the escapism and adventure of traditional camping. These amenities can include bed linens, en suite bathrooms, food service, private verandas, full kitchens, and more.

The popular form of camping is relatively new, appearing first in 2005 in the United Kingdom. Glamping gives travelers comfortable experiences while still being able to experience the outdoors.

If you are new to camping, or looking for a more posh way of tent-living, glamping may be for you. To find glamping sites near you, we recommend or Both of these sites will locate glamorous camping locations in your area.

One of our favorite glamping locations is in Ontario, Canada. The wilderness suits at Long Point Eco-Adventures are the perfect place to get a taste of nature without dealing with all the inconveniences – like no electricity, running water, soft bed, and other amenities. Best of all, you’ll even get a complimentary breakfast buffet with your stay, so you’ll have plenty of good food to fuel yourself for your outdoor adventures!

Another great glamping spot is in Ithaca, New York. Firelight Camps are located on the grounds of the historic La Tourelle Resort and Spa. The site offers amenities such as a bar, restaurant, spa, sauna, retail store, and activities like nature walks, wildlife observations, yoga, and stargazing. At Firelight Camps, you’ll be staying in a tent, however, the camp is different than anything you’d ever imagine. The large safari tent includes a couch, hardwood flooring, a bed, battery powered lanterns, mesh screening, and a deck, for travelers that want to enjoy nature but still have life’s comforts.

Find a Unique Location with HipCamp

If you are looking for a unique camping location across North America, then you need to explore HipCamp. HipCamp allows users to quickly find camping sites in their area, but what makes it so unique is that it also offers people to list their land. Essentially, what Airbnb is to homes, HipCamp is to land. It aims to make stuff available that no one has had access to before, making the camping experience easy and reliable for both property owners and campers.

“Over 60% of the United States is privately owned,” explains Hipcamp. Its big idea isn’t just to open up camping, it’s to reap the benefits that outdoors recreation can bring to private land. “It is essential to the future of our planet that much of this land remains undeveloped to maintain wilderness habitats and corridors that allow plants and animals to thrive and migrate naturally. By connecting landowners who want to keep their land undeveloped with responsible, ecologically minded campers, we can use recreation to fund the conservation of this land.”

It’s a win-win situation for both campers and landowners.

Truck Camping

You may not realize it, however, you can turn your vehicle into a mobile adventure home. This way, you can travel anywhere, and still have a place to sleep. Here are our suggestions for getting started:

  • Truck Bed Cap: The truck bed cap will be the priciest item on your list, however, these are the walls to your house.
  • Rack: If you need your bike, kayak, etc., then you’ll need a rack to tote it with you.
  • Build your Interior: With some 2 by 4’s and carpet, you can make a relatively inexpensive platform that you can sleep on. Leave enough room below to place gear bins.
  • Memory Foam Mattress: If you want a comfortable sleeping area, look for a six inch thick memory foam mattress. If that seems too expensive for a quick camping trip, blow up a few jumbo pool rafts for a makeshift blowup bed.
  • Bins for Storage: Get organized and label bins with all of your camping necessities – burning stove, kitchenware, lanterns, and tools.

Go On your Own Adventure

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