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2016 Home Resolutions

November 3, 2015
Amanda Curry
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2016 will be here quicker than we know it so it’s time to get our New Year’s resolutions together. In addition to our personal resolutions, try making resolutions for your home this year. Here are some ideas to get your resolution list started.

Find a Room to Update

Whether it’s a bathroom, basement or bedroom, pick one area in the chosen space to focus on first: re-organize drawers, paint the walls or clean out the closets. Then, the next month choose something else to focus on such as décor or buying new furniture. Update the room section-by-section to see your accomplishments come to fruition.

Install Gutter Protection

Long gone are the days of gutter cleaning to shield your gutters. With gutter protection like LeafFilter available there is no need to pay someone to clean your gutters or put yourself at risk by climbing a ladder and gutter cleaning yourself. A gutter protection product can also safeguard your home from landscape erosion, a heaving driveway, and a variety of other inconveniences.

Use Energy Efficient Items

Switch all light bulbs to energy-efficient ones for a cleaner look and a way to save money. Also consider investing in energy efficient appliances from GE Appliances. Not only will you have updated and efficient appliances, but you can also take advantage of rebates and tax credits for using energy-efficient items. If there is room in the budget, update your windows and doors with energy-saving versions.

Clean Your Carpets

Hire a professional or rent a cleaning machine from your local hardware or grocery store to make your carpets look brand new. Cleaning your carpets can eliminate trapped pollutants, clear out dust mite infestations and help prevent mold growth.

Update Your Hardware

Make it your personal mission for 2016 to update all hardware in your home. Start with the kitchen and update the faucet and cabinet handles. Next, head to the bathroom to update the faucets, shower head, cabinet handles and door handles. Lastly, update any other door handles and fixtures to match the rest of your home.

Redo Your Back Splash

If there isn’t room in the budget for a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel, update the showers tiles or the kitchen back splash for an instant upgrade. This will change the look and feel of the room without breaking the bank.

Replace Interior Doors

A little goes a long way and the same goes for your home. Simply updating your bedroom and bathroom doors can give your home a completely upgraded look. This is a quick and cost-effective fix that will leave you feeling accomplished.

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Upgrade Your Flooring

Take your floors to the next level by adding tile, wood or carpet to them. This will give the space a new feel without having to redo the entire room.

Embrace the Entryway

Buy a new front door or paint your current one. Something as small as changing the fixtures or replacing the address numbers can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

Resolutions don’t have to be completed in one month. You have an entire 12 months to complete all of your resolutions and save up for them. Make 2016 your year of completing as many New Year’s resolutions as you can!