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Top Tips to Save Money this Holiday Season

December 1, 2015
Amanda Curry
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us – but that doesn’t mean you need to stop finding ways to save money this holiday season!

It’s no surprise that everyone is looking to put a few more dollars back into their pocket this holiday season. With social gatherings, gift obligations, and work parties, the holidays can be a financially stressful time. But, with some smart planning and creative ideas, it doesn’t have to be! We’ve gathered our top tips for saving some cash this holiday season:

Serve Appetizers at your Get-Togethers
If you are planning on hosting a get together with your family or friends, considering serving bite size hor ‘d oeuvres instead of preparing a full-fledged dinner. We’ll even let you cheat and get some from the frozen aisle if you are too busy to cook!

Board Game Night-In
The holiday season can be packed with social obligations and nights out on the town. In order to save some cash, host a board game night at your house instead. You can even make asks guests to BYOB or wine and sample each guests selection. Who knows — it might even turn into a new cost-effective tradition!

Re-Think your Christmas Cards
Instead of buying new Christmas Cards, considering turning old cards into postcards. Cut your old Christmas cards in half and turn them into postcards. Voila! You have a recycled Christmas card. (No one will notice – we promise!).

Make your Own Decorations
Instead of buying fancy decorations, considering enlisting the help of your family to make your own! Scoop up some pinecones in your backyard and fill decorative vases with them for a pretty seasonal décor item. Teach your children how to make paper snowflakes or popcorn garland to decorate the tree. Use ribbon to make big bows and hang them around your house. You don’t have to be extremely crafty to decorate your home on a budget.

The Four Gift Rule
A lot of people talk about the “four gift rule” because it just makes sense. Instead of overwhelming recipients with things they don’t need, gift-giving should be more intentional. The rule is simple: You buy the person something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.

Secret Santa Plan
If you have a big family, sometimes buying a present for everyone isn’t feasible. Instead, ask your family to participate in “Secret Santa.” Each person picks a name from the hat and is assigned a person that they will get gifts for. This way, everyone is relieved from buying multiple gifts for multiple people. Chances are, your family will be happy you started this new tradition!

Save Up and Spend Wisely! 
By saving and spending wisely this holiday season, you won’t have anxiety come January. Trim your holiday expenditures while still getting the most out of the holiday season by following just a few of the tips above. What are your favorite holiday savings tips?

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