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Tips to Keep In Mind Before Hiring a Handyman

October 8, 2015
Amanda Curry
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On average, homeowners spend between $186 and $625 for handyman services. Unless you are on the lower end of that spectrum, work done by a handyman can become costly. When hiring a handy man, there is more to consider than just the job itself. It is important to ensure you are hiring a reliable, experienced and affordable worker to complete the projects you want to be done. Here are some tips to keep in mind before hiring a handyman.

Look for Reliable References

References are one of the best ways to make sure you are hiring a reliable handyman. The best references often come from friends, family or neighbors. This way you can see the work firsthand you are looking to get done. Other great resources for finding a handyman are review sites including Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, GuildQuality, and Yelp.

  • For a small membership fee, Angie’s List gives you trusted reviews of thousands of local service providers.
  • HomeAdvisor is used by over 30 million homeowners and has more than 2 million reviews on roofing and gutters, siding, bathrooms, kitchens and any other handyman service.
  • GuildQuality regularly surveys companies’ customers to get trusted reviews for homeowners looking for quality services. This is a free service to homeowners.
  • Yelp is another free service that can be viewed online or easily downloaded onto your phone and helps homeowners find reviews on local home services.

Request Cost Estimates for Labor and Materials

Always make a list of the work you need to be done. Then, request a cost estimate from the handyman which should typically be within 10 percent of the actual cost. Make sure the handyman knows you are not willing to pay more than 10 percent higher of his estimate so you don’t receive a low-ball offer just so you hire him.

Establish a Work Schedule and Payment Method

Make sure to find out if you will be paying your handyman hourly or by the job. Is a down payment required? Then, determine when the work will begin and a timeframe for when the handyman plans to finish the job.

Get a Contract in Writing

A contract helps avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings. Be sure to include the cost estimate, down payment, work schedule and payment method within the work schedule. If for some reason the work doesn’t go as planned, you will have a written contract as proof to take with you to court.

Make Sure the Handyman is Licensed and Insured

If someone working on your property becomes injured and they don’t have liability insurance, the homeowner will be fully liable. Reputable handymen should carry their own insurance in case an incident was to occur. Your handyman should also be licensed. Request a copy of their license before proceeding with their work.