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Save Money & Time With LeafFilter

Leaf Filter 11-2-12
January 17, 2013
Amanda Curry
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The fall season and leaves that accompany it, makes property maintenance difficult, to say the least. And if you want to save money and time? Well, it may seem nearly impossible.

In addition to the leaves, there is another silent enemy out there that homeowners must be aware of. That silent enemy is called, “unchecked rain water” and it has the power to cost homeowners a fortune in repairs. From roof repairs to the replacement of basement furniture after flooding, the potential damage rain water can wreak, can be very costly to unprepared homeowners.

Serious water damage has cost many homeowners thousands of dollars; Roof repairs $200-$1000, gutter replacement $800-$1700, water removal from flooded basements $1000-$2000, replacing wet drywall that has mold and mildew $500-$800. Water damage in your basement is usually caused by heavy rainfall or flooding. The cost of a LeafFilter™ eavestrough protection system that keeps gutters free and clear guaranteed, priceless!

An unchecked gutter system can quickly become impacted by debris and prevent rain water from properly draining. Overflowing gutters can your yard, gardens and flower beds that are positioned close to the foundation of the home. At the same time, mis-directed downspouts may lead to water draining onto the driveways and sidewalks, which in winter can become an ice hazard on the pavement.

The cost of replacing of a few flowers or replenishing washed away soil is nothing compared to the cost of repairs to the home if faced with the “worst case scenario”. So, Toronto natives have seen the benefit of taking the time to invest money now to save money later. Eavestrough protection not only saves Toronto residents money in the long run, it also saves them from the headache of having to worry about gutter clogs ever again.

LeafFilter™ is the best rain eavestrough protection system available on the market today. With the LeafFilter™, you will no longer be forced to climb the ladder to clean out gutters, worry about the dangers of water leaks and overflows or the potential damage to your home from frozen saggy gutters. LeafFilter™ gutter guards will eliminate the problems homeowners fear most, and that’s why, with our gutter guard system, you can sit back and enjoy the seasons and not worry about potential gutter problems.