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Fire Safety Packet for Kids

January 19, 2016
Amanda Curry
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LeafFilter gutter guard has released a Fire Precautions Packet for young adults and kids to learn the hazards of poor fire safety.

LeafFilter leaf guard wants you and your family to stay safe by learning the most common fire hazards that can happen in your home. LeafFilter’s Fire Safety Packet features fire safety facts, a fire prevention checklist, fun word teasers, a crossword puzzle, and pictures to color! Share this pamphlet with your family to prevent fire hazards within your home.

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Did you know? Many fixtures and appliances inside and outside fo a home can lead to a fire. Thankfully, educating yourself can help prevent house fires.

Two of every five home fires start in the kitchen with unattended cooking being a factor in one-third of home cooking related fires. Additionally, space heaters or wood stoves are often the second leading cause of home fires, fire deaths, and injuries.

Our fire safety packet not only teaches children about indoor fire safety, but outdoor fire prevention tips, too. Natural disasters, wildfires and flammable debris are just a few ways fires can start outside your home.

With LeafFilter’s Fire Safety Packet, kids can check off the items on our fire prevention checklist to make sure they are prepared if a fire was to occur in their home. Being prepared, and completing a fire prevent checklist, will help children stay calm during the event of fire.