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5 Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know This Spring

March 5, 2014
Amanda Curry
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Spring is almost here, but now is the time to write a quick checklist to make sure you’re ready for the heavy spring showers. After the snow and ice begin to melt and the first heavy rain begins to fall, homeowners should throw on their rain boots and check the following:

  1. Your Foundation. Walk around your property and pay close attention to any cracks or holes in your foundation. If you see any, take note of where they are and contact a professional to come in and inspect and repair them to make sure you aren’t dealing with a serious problem. You also want to take note of any particularly large cracks or holes that could be a nice home for rodents and other animals/insects to enter your home.
  2. Your Basement. If you have a basement, go down and check to see if there is any water leakage on the floor and walls, especially if you found any cracks during step 1. If you have a finished basement, check your drywall for soggy spots or your carpeting to see if it is moist. 9 times out of 10 you’ve got a leak somewhere and you’ll want to get that repaired quickly to avoid any mold or mildew behind your walls.
  3. Your Roof. You’ll want to inspect your roof at least twice a year. The best time is after a particularly heavy rain. If you have an attic, check your plywood underlayment for signs of water penetration under your roof. If you see water marks or mold, you probably have a problem with your shingles in that area. Also, check for any missing or worn shingles. These are sure spots for water penetration and problems.
  4. Your Painted Exterior. Nothing ages a house more than bubbling, peeling or cracking paint. If any portion of your home has been painted and is subject to the elements, you’ll want to make sure those eye sores are repaired and patched ASAP to avoid any damage to your siding, window sills, porches and decking.
  5. Your Gutters and Downspouts. If you live in a wooded area and you haven’t purchased any type of gutter protection for your home, chances are, you’ve got some debris in your gutters. Leaves, twigs, bird and bee nests, maple spinners, pine needles and other debris can quickly accumulate in your gutters potentially creating serious damage. You’ll want to clean those gutters out at least twice a year (Spring and Fall) to avoid clogs. Clogged gutters cause all sorts of problems including rotted boards, windowsills, fascia damage, roofing damage, soffit damage and clogged downspouts. Speaking of clogged downspouts, you’ll want to check those too. Walk around your home and check out how far the water is being shed away from your home from your downspouts. If it is less than 5 ft away from your foundation, you’ll want to install some extensions to help push that water as far away from your home as possible to avoid any damage.

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