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10 Ways to Update Your Home Under $100

November 11, 2015
Amanda Curry
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You may think that updating your home is a huge undertaking that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, it doesn’t have to be! For under $100, you can transform your home with simple updates that will make a big impact on your home. Here are our top tips for sprucing up your home for under $100:

Add Lighting
Lighting can make a huge difference in your home. A few strategically placed lights in your bedroom or kitchen will set the tone that you seek. And, the addition of light in some of your darker rooms will make your space feel larger.

For example, you can find an elegant pendant light or retro industrial piece for under $100 that will add character to your home.

Plant Arborvitaes
Arborvitaes are tall bushes that will give your home the curb appeal that you are looking for. The best part about these tall bushes are that they can grow three feet in just one year! They provide privacy from your neighbors and will spruce up your backyard. Just two of them will run you about $100.

New Hardware
Looking to redo your bathroom but don’t quite have the budget to make a huge fix? Consider adding new hardware pieces to your faucet or cabinet pulls. Updating the hardware in your home is one of the quickest ways to transform a specific room without breaking the bank. Change out brass for silver and opt for modern fixtures for the biggest bang for your buck.

Refresh with Paint
Give your old, washed out walls some life with a fresh coat of paint. Oftentimes, DIY home improvement upgrades include paint because it is effective and cost efficient. You may even consider re-doing some of your furniture with a fresh coat of paint (did someone say thrift shop?)!

Add Crown Molding
Crown molding tops our list because it adds charm and value to your home. It may take you a day’s worth of work, and a bit of patience, but it will most certainly pay off. Choose a lightweight molding and roll up your sleeves. In just a day, you can transform a plain room into an elegant sanctuary.

Use a Pressure Washer
If you don’t have a pressure washer, we suggest renting one. For about $100 per day and a bit of your time, you can get a lot of your exterior clean up accomplished. Use it to clean off the exterior of your home, windows, driveways, decks, and patios.

Install Solar Landscape Lamps
Increase the safety in your front or backyard with solar garden lamps. These types of lamps don’t need batteries or electrical charging – they get their power from the sun. Plus, since there is no wiring involved, they are super easy to install. Just stick them in the ground and they are ready to use!

Whether you have a standalone mailbox on the side of the curb, or your mailbox is attached to your front door, installing a new one will spruce up your curbside appeal. For under $100, you can replace your dingy, rusted mailbox with one that is fresh and appealing. Plan on setting aside about an hour or two to complete this project.

Get Organized
Sometimes sprucing up your home is as simple as getting organized. Contain your clutter with baskets and use a rainy day to donate unused items. Getting rid of the junk in your life can make your space feel bigger and brighter.

Get your Carpets Cleaned
Having a professional cleaner give your carpets a thorough cleaning can effectively update your home. Carpeting cleaners use high tech and powerful machines to clean up more dirt. This will also improve your family’s health as it will demolish and mold and dust mites that may be lurking where you can’t see. If you are up for cleaning your carpets yourself, renting a carpet cleaner is an alternative solution.

Even if your budget is a little tight, utilizing just a few of this home improvement tips can make a big difference! What’s your best tip for sprucing up your home? Leave us a note in the comment section below!

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