“How much does LeafFilter™ cost?” is a common question among homeowners looking to install eavestrough protection. Unfortunately, there is no common answer to this leaf guard cost question, as the leaf filter cost per foot is not straightforward. Instead, the cost of gutter guards, such as Leaffilter, is unique to each homeowner’s situation. Therefore, even if you have the same square footage home or you have the same number of meters of gutter protection installed as your neighbor, the leaf guard price will still vary based on many different variables. The best way to determine the cost of gutter guards is to meet with a LeafFilter representative to discuss your unique situation. Our representative will meet with you, assess your current gutter system, and recommend a course of action to determine a gutter guard cost that is personalized to your home.


Pricing Variables Include:

  • ruler

    Home Shape & Size

  • gutter

    Gutter Type

  • star

    Gutter Condition

  • levels

    Number of Levels

  • corners

    Number of Inside/Outside Corners

Here’s what we look for when we give you a leaf guard price estimate:

  • Gutter type determines cost of gutter guards

    Type of Eavestrough

    We inspect the type of gutter and how they are hung to verify our product will work on the gutters currently installed on your home.

  • LeafFilter cost per foot relates to gutter condition

    Eavestrough Condition

    Are your eavestroughs in good enough shape for our product to work properly or do they need to be replaced? This will factor into the cost of gutter guards.

  • Number of levels determines LeafFilter cost

    Number of Levels

    How many levels does your home have? Will we need special ladders or equipment to install LeafFilter on your home?

  • Gutter system corners impact gutter guard cost

    Inside/Outside Corners

    How many inside/outside corners does your gutter system have? This helps us determine how much product we will need, which can effect leaf guard cost.

  • Linear meters of gutters impacts leaffilter cost per foot

    Linear Meters of Eavestroughs

    How many linear meters of eavestroughs does your home have? This is another factor in determining leaf guard cost.

  • Other gutter guard cost variables

    Other Variables

    Every gutter guard installation is different, therefore an at-home custom quote is required for every customer in order to determine leaf guard price.